Team development courses designed to engage teams in powerful and long-lasting performance enhancements.

The key Network creates high impact team development courses designed to challenge the precepts of team performance, engage team members in the development of their individual contributions and instill functional and long-lived self-development processes.

A team development course enbles team members to identify behaviours and actions which enhance or inhibit team performance, and to formulate a critical change process by identifying alternative, more productive actions and behaviours in order that the performance of the team becomes more focused, more effective and therefore more powerful.

Our team development training programmes enable your staff to focus on their future performance goals, share common values and aspirations and identify the required contribution of all team members.

We encourage team members to openly and honestly identify, examine and support acceptable contributions to team performance and to actively challenge behaviours and actions that fall below their collective aspirations. We offer challenging, stormy, but enjoyable growth prospects.
We also offer teambuilding exercises and events designed to energise, challenge and inspire participants as they share an experience lasting from a few hours to several days. Emphasis is determined according to your specific desires and requirements. Examples of focus are; effective communication and collaboration, sharing common goals and best practise, support, encouragement and challenge.

Team Development Programmes

The key Network designs team development events for organisations seeking a change in the performance of their teams, i.e. not merely a return to their former glory, nor maintenance of their current results.

We design development experiences enabling team members to explore beyond their immediate perceptions, to examine their beliefs and values, to challenge assumptions about their limitations, and to push the limits and find out what happens. We think it's better to do this away from the workplace, and to return having identified the following:

Actions and behaviours that limit our team performance?
Actions and behaviours that increase our chances of success?
How to continue the team development process in-house?

We use a highly experiential event format, so the team spends as much time as possible exploring and developing actions, behaviours, perceptions, attitudes and approaches and building relationships within the team.

We present a level of challenge appropriate to the future of the team, i.e. the greater the challenge in the future of the team, the greater the challenge during the task.

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Examples of Team Development Exercises from The key Network

Here are just a couple of examples of team development projects from our vast range:

Shelf Life

The team is engaged in building a large puzzle, made up of 15 short planks, intricately slotting together according to a construction diagram, to be reconstructed in the shortest possible time.

Key aspects of this exercise include collectively solving the problem, identifying successful methodologies and team actions, reapplying those actions and re-engineering the building process so that results are increasingly rapid.

In any team, the need for continuous development is critical. This project enables the team to identify key actions and behaviours which promote development and those which undermine it.


Fly High Balloon Company

For a large team, between 30 and 120 team members:

This project involves managing and organisation whose function is building miniature hot air balloons. Finance for the balloon manufacture (investment) is generated through a series of short team challenges , each of which generates "finance" which the team invests in materials, promotion, product development and balloon building. Customers approach the company with orders for multicoloured, logo-displaying balloons, tight budgets, and the usual array of customers' anxieties.

A sub-team of directors, which changes every six hours, steers the organisation to profitable success, engaging management and operational sub-teams according to their expertise and preferences.

The project lasts between 16 and 48 hours, engaging a team of up to 120 people, geographically spread, though the entire team is engaged in one ultimate goal - successfully building and launching their customers' balloons against very tight deadlines.

As a finalé the company organises a launch party; a fleet of balloons fly off across the evening sky - an amazing spectacle, an awesome conclusion and a fitting reward for the hard work put in by the entire team.

This project has been designed to encompass all aspects of team, leadership and business development. We create focus by building more intricate roles and responsibilities for the department, team or individual in most need of development action. The team development process continues with a review of team and individual performance and a drawing together of key learning from the event. We encourage support for pragmatic application of learning on return to the workplace by engaging one of your Directors to express an expectation that changes will take place. This helps to by-pass the "full in-tray" trap, i.e. the Achilles heel of many development programmes, that work gets in the way of change and development.

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