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TkN creates and delivers team building courses and exercises to nurture team spirit and identity, encourage development, build trust and confidence and instil properties enabling the team to continue their development long after their experience with us.


Team Building Courses

The key Network provides opportunities for teams to work hard and play hard during projects and exercises which engage the team through shared achievements.

Each project is designed to enable all team members to play a valuable role and to and share the success of teh team.

Our high energy, challenging, memorable team projects help to build team morale; develop open, effective communication; build trust between team members; generate positive energy and raise confidence.

If you're seeking distinct changes in team performance, see our team development information.

Team Building Exercises

We now have approximately 200 team building exercises, lasting between 20 minutes - 48 hours many unique. Each project involves some similar processes, though each is tailored to focus on specific outcomes:

Common factors:

  • Identifying a common goal;
  • Sharing and clarifying objectives;
  • Collectively planning and organising resources;
  • Effective communication;
  • Balancing challenge and support.

Each organisation has it's own culture and preferences, each team is at a particular stage in it's life, and each team member has a unique relationship within the team. We adapt each project to provide appropriate emphasis and focus, to present the challenge at an appropriate level for a particular organisation and to match our clients training objectives and preferences.

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We acknowledge the need for both team building and team development training; the former being a need to maintain the integrity of the unit, for which identity, spirit, personal worth and belonging are critical; the latter being the need to change - to develop the team into a more effective, more powerful entity by identifying alternative actions and behaviours.

We encourage participants to openly and honestly identify, examine and support acceptable contributions to team performance and to actively challenge behaviours and actions that fall below aspirations. We offer challenging, enjoyable and powerful growth prospects.

Each course is designed to energise, challenge and inspire participants as they share an experience lasting from a few hours to several days.

Emphasis and direction is determined according to your specific training requirements.

Examples of focus are; effective communication and collaboration, identifying and clarifying common goals and sharing best practise; support, encouragement and mutual challenge.

Our team development programmes focus on enabling your team to identify their future performance goals, share common values and aspirations and identify the required contribution of all team members.
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